100+ Women Who Care Regina is a group of empowered women from Regina and surrounding areas who gather together four times per year for one hour. Three charities pitch their cause to the membership. After a vote by the membership, a charity is chosen and each member writes a cheque to that charity for $100.

With over 100 women banding together, we can raise more than $10,000 for a local charity in our community in a single meeting.

Contact Information

To contact us, please an email to 100wwcr@gmail.com.

Alternatively, you can also private message us through our Facebook Page and feel free to drop us a like!

Our History

Karen Dunigan, Founder of 100+ Women Who Care

Karen Dunigan always found it interesting that one of her greatest ideas was born from something as simple and basic as baby cribs. It was during lunch one day with executive leadership from the Center for Family Health, where other fundraising matters were being discussed, that the Center’s CEO mentioned a need she learned about at a staff meeting earlier that morning regarding new mothers and portable cribs. Karen’s ears perked and she told the CEO that would be something she would like to know more about and another lunch was scheduled to specifically discuss the need.

During the follow-up lunch, details were shared on how new mothers were bringing their babies home and placing the sleeping infants in boxes, dresser drawers or on their own beds because they could not afford a proper crib. Some of these babies didn’t survive the night. Karen was presented with a list of how many cribs were needed, the cost of mattresses, blankets, and beds. In all, a total of $10,000 was needed.

As Karen began thinking about Center for Family Health’s need, she knew there had to be a way to quickly and easily meet the financial request that was presented. With all of her involvement in the community, Karen knew she could call ten people and ask them to write $1,000 cheques, but she also figured she knew 100 women who would each give $100. She began making phone calls and scheduled a meeting. At that first meeting, in one hour, a group of Karen’s friends heard the story and each wrote cheques to the Center for Family Health, resulting in a $12,800 donation, more than requested, to supply new mothers with the simplest need: a crib.

Karen recognized that she was on to something special and that it, too, was in its own infancy and needed to be nurtured to grow. She founded the first 100+ Women Who Care and scheduled quarterly meetings. The rules were simple, any member could present a need in the community; the need had to be immediate and the money had to remain local. The idea was that a worthy cause benefits many in the community.

Karen’s legacy lives on through the expansion of 100+ Chapters throughout the world. There are now more than 350 chapters either fully operational or under development and they include women, men, people, and kids chapters. Karen saw people for their strengths and realized that when 100 or more people come together in a room, each person becomes a powerful force for doing good work while lifting up your community. We are each strong in our own right, but together we are stronger. Karen knew this, applauded it, and was so very proud of 100+ Women Who Care.

As one of the more than 80 chapters located in Canada, 100+ Women Who Care Regina is pleased to carry on her legacy of philanthropy.  For more information about the more than 350 chapters located in 7 countries around the world, click here.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee for 100+ Women Who Care Regina was founded in December 2015 by Sharlene Arklie and consists of Jan Forrest, Kathy Wilson and Carol Bachynski, four dedicated women who have all served the community in many ways over the years. They know first-hand how much work is involved in fundraising, and while it is a lot of fun, each hour spent on fundraising is an hour not devoted to delivering programs.

They believe that by bringing together dedicated women in Regina and surrounding areas, it will be another way to not only help local charities financially but will also place the spotlight on the wonderful charities that work tirelessly to help make our community a better place for us all!

Left to right: Jan Forrest, Carol Bachynski, Sharlene Arklie, and Kathy Wilson

Other Chapters of 100 Who Care

100+ Women Who Care Regina is thrilled to be part of the 100 Who Care grassroots organization. There are over 350 chapters in over 7 countries around the world and more are added every day.

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